Sunday, 25 January 2015

A Closer Look: Fusion Urban Trumpet Gig Bag

Fusion Gig Bags are a range of British-designed instrument cases for a wide range of different instruments. Many of their cases allow for 'fuse-on' attachment bags which can be used to carry mutes, accessories and even laptops. I recently got my hands on the Urban Trumpet gig bag and it has quickly become my favourite.

The bag is very lightweight, which makes it perfect for travelling, but still offers good protection. The trumpet itself can be strapped in to stop movement and an additional 'Trumpet Sleeve' can be purchased to further its protection.

The back straps are very comfortable and can be hidden away neatly if not needed. The handles on the case are very sturdy and the case also has a reinforced base which makes the bag able to stand upright without any trouble.

There are two external pockets on that case the first of which offers a velcro pocket for 3 mouthpieces and room to store A4 sized music. The second contains lots of different sized pockets for storage of accessories and even features a clip for your keys.

The lower pocket has several internal storage pockets
Well padded mouthpiece storage in the upper pocket

A great feature of this bag is that you can easily attach a 'Fuse-on bag' that allows for storage of mutes etc. These are available in three different sizes - I have the small.  The fuse-on bag is also very well padded and has backpack straps that can be folded away. The bag attaches to the case by four velcro straps.

The small 'Fuse-On' bag

It has a large internal pocket and a smaller external pocket. I can fit 4-5 mutes in the small bag.

'Fuse-On' bag's external pocket for accessories

Overall a brilliant gig bag with great all round protection and perfect for any traveling trumpet player. Check out Fusion's website for their full range of gig bags and accessories. Their level of service is also second to none.

Thursday, 22 January 2015


1. Valve Oil Getting Everywhere.

2. Constant need for Chapstick.

4. Having to count bars and bars of rests. 

5. Having to deal with the huge egos in your section.

6. Fellow musicians moaning about how loud the trumpets are.

7. Knowing that you should wash your instrument but not wanting to find out what's lurking in the lead pipe.

8. Running out of valve oil when you need it most.
(@my_dedication_ on Twitter)

9. When you're so tired that you can't even form a decent embouchure (@trump_master on Twitter) 

10. The lengthy process of taking the valves out to oil and then screwing them back in. (@my_dedication_ on Twitter)

11. The annoyance of putting a valve back in the wrong way.
(@weird_trumpet on Twitter)

12. That sound when you haven't emptied the spit. (@my_dedication_ on Twitter)

13. Just anything to do with spit.

14. Having to switch between different brass instruments. (@ShyBandie on Twitter)

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